About Athena Projects

Athena Projects London, Founder image of Abbie

“As a woman in the construction industry, I am constantly inspired by the challenges and opportunities that come my way. Learning to thrive as a woman in predominantly male environments has empowered me to challenge stereotypes and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive industry.”

- Abbie Starling, Founder

Athena Projects London Limited was established by Abbie Starling. Abbie has a highly respected reputation in the industry – with a passion for hotels / hospitality, she has specialised in this sector for over 10 years.

Abbie now lends her extensive expertise and experience to the development and repurposing of Hospitality, Leisure, and Residential projects in both the UK and Europe.

Who We Are

Athena Projects London was born from a desire to break away from the rigid structure and hierarchical nature of corporate environments, to further embrace diversity, authenticity, and creativity.

Our success will not simply be measured by our client and project achievements. But also, by our ability to innovate, adapt to changing market dynamics and continually exceed expectations.

We foster a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous learning - empowering our colleagues and our external project teams to reach their full potential both in themselves and for every Client.

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